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The origin of Count Your Dead dates back far to around the year of 2003 whenever poet & vocalist Jonathan Haubert and Julio Salazar formed their first band together in the little small town of Port Lavaca, TX. From that point on, being in a band and making music was much more than just a hobby. It was much more than just something to pass the time by. Little did they know, but this would eventually end up being something they would work their whole lives torward.

Throughout the span of their Alternative Metal outfit DOWNLIFT, there were times filled with joy and grim alike. But whatever the circumstances given, the band still manage to put the time and effort to write what were the best songs of that time period. Their best songs, being written during the nights filled with unrelenting practice, complete devotion, and endless passion. But as time would pass, Jonathan and Julio would end up parting ways, as well as the other members in DOWNLIFT. Jonathan would go off to start a new project entitled EuQiNu, which consisted of material picking up where their previous project left off, and Julio would take some time off from music to gain new perspectives. After a break of over 3 years from music, he would later jump back in the mix with a new drummer from Palocios, TX known as Paul Riccio.

Coming together to form a new fusion of genres, Julio and Paul created what would be the early formation of COUNT YOUR DEAD. After picking up bass players left and right to jam with, and the occasional singer(s) alongside, CYD went on to play shows in and all around the local Crossroad areas as well as the Northern parts of Texas.

In Summer 2007, the band hit the road for a month long tour in California, but would see little success from it due to falling outs with the booking company. Needless to say, something as simple as playing in a band with a group of others would become something that would get complicated real quick. It would seem that after dealing with members that would act more as deadweight rather than carrying their own, getting screwed over countless amount of times with studio cuts and gigs from previous shows, the struggle to continue a band would be almost damn near impossible to endure. But just as things would seem at their darkest, there was still always some small light still shining at the end of the pititful tunnel.

For about another few years, CYD would keep their stable lineup minus the band name changes and the member splits. However, once brand new material began to arise, other members were feeling displeased with it.... leading to a desire to form something different with a new lineup, new vibe, and a new attitude. So, as fate would have it, Jonathan's project EuQiNu went under hiatus, leading the two former bandmates to once again join forces and start jamming together again. It wouldn't be long after that Jonathan was asked to take over Lead Vocals once again and put his voice to their new songs being written, and the ones that would later make way onto their first album. It wasn't until much longer that another fellow musician by the name of Trey Saucillo (Divide & Conquer, EuQiNu) would take up the Bass and join as a second voice representing for CYD. Together, they have formed the most solid lineup to date and is ready to take on anything that comes their way.

Since late 2008, CYD have been making frequent visits to The Nest Sound Studio in Victoria, TX to record a new list of high-quality songs. These sessions would later turn into full on production for what would later became known as their debut album "No Return". While some of the tracks were written as far back as their early formation, others such as "Bitter Resurrections" and "1,000 Miles of Pain" would serve as a new fuel to an ember that was already started. And while some songs possess more of a party anthem vibe to them such as "Flooding Texas" & "Bleed Smoke" do, others contain more crucial meanings. One of the most crucial, being "Release", which deals with the issues of letting go of those that you held dear in your life. And even more stronger points with the constant rants like the ones in "Poetic Lies" which speaks of mindless nonsense that others try to feed others and actually fool them with.

But make no mistake about it, as far as the years have progressed, the songs have progressed just as much, if not more, with them. Every band has their whole life to write about when it comes to their debut, and Count Your Dead many stories to tell.

So therefore, needless to say... Count Your Dead is not now, nor at any point here in time, ready to give up. After coming so very far, and still having so much more to go... There is no going back. There is no return.